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About StatsLand

StatsLand is a statistic engine that services both leagues and teams alike. Currently the site only offers hockey managed services, however shortly additional sports will be augmenting the service lineup that StatsLand offers. The hockey service provides leagues and teams the ability to completely manage schedules, player statistics, standings, game results, trades and can be utilized as an effective medium to communicate with your league or team.

The hockey league management service provides league administrators a facility to manage all aspects of their league. The administrator interface is what makes StatsLand so easy to use. After setting up the league at the beginning of the year (teams, players, schedule, etc.) the administrator just needs to enter game reports upon the completion of each game. The game reports just consist of the information that you normally track on your game sheet during the game. StatsLand takes this game sheet, stores it for future reference and extracts all of the game statistics out of it (teams, player, goalie stats, standings adjustments, etc.).

League participants, friends and family can use the public interface to follow the ongoings of the league. This interface provides the information such as news, schedules, standings, team pages, player pages and statistical comparisions. Basically, most statistics and features you find on your favorite professional hockey league web site you will find here (but for your league - not the pros).

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