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About StatsLand

StatsLand is a statistic engine that services both leagues and teams alike. Currently the site only offers hockey managed services, however shortly additional sports will be augmenting the service lineup that StatsLand offers. The hockey service provides leagues and teams the ability to completely manage schedules, player statistics, standings, game results, trades and can be utilized as an effective medium to communicate with your league or team.

The hockey team management service provides team managers the ability to effectively and efficiently manage team affairs. The administrative interface for teams provides a intuitive facility to upload pictures, record player statistics, post standings and game results along with the team schedule. In fact, at StatsLand we realize your league may already have a website, so we provide a mechanism to synchronize the standings and schedule with the league site to ensure your information is the most up-to-date1.

The team management service leverages the intelligent StatsLand statisitical engine which processes games sheets and automatically computes team and player statistics. All you have to do is enter game sheets into the site at the completion of each game and your statistics will be right up to date.

Players, coaches, parents and friends alike will be happy to have a central location to keep up to date with the team. They can view all of the team information with an easy to use interface. Sign your team up today, your team will thank you for it!

1 Depending on the league site it may not be possible to automatically perform synchronization.

For more information on what StatsLand can do for your hockey league email

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